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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Candle-light Event...

Post 26/11 Mumbai attacks we always thought no alien can harm our nation ever again as we had thought that we had seen the wost terror attacks that could ever happen... A shadowing evening in Pune on 13/2 at 7.00 pm changed our thoughts again.
Why the daily routines and situations had to change that day for every one who was affected in the blast??? Why P. Sundari ,22, had to come from bangalore to Pune to die ??? Why Anik Dhar got a job in Mumbai on 12th feb and had to celeberate the same in the bakery??? Why Anik's sister Anindyee Dhar had to ask her English literature lecturer the meaning of DEATH in the last lecture she attended before heading towards heaven??? Why did the same happen with Shilpa Goenka,23 from Kolkata who hired a rickshaw driver called Shankar Pansare,40, to drop them both in Almighty's hands??? Why Saeed Abdul Ghani,26, an Iranian Student of Symbiosis aspired to study in Pune which eventually had to lose the war he fought with his burns??? Why Nadia Materinia,37, an Italian had to lose her life in late 30's when she deserved to live the most of her life??? and above all why Gokul Nepali the most jolly waiter at German Bakery had to serve people that day when the bakery is SELF-SERVICED??? Had'nt they followed their daily routine of not serving people and gokul would have never touched that bag which exploded the bakery... but then there comes the slogan ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH!!! Gokul did no wrong...
The totally cosmopolitan place where the most beautiful people, all intermingled and shared much joy over the years had lost in the thick smoke of defeat to unwanted acts.
House-full of Germans ,Iranians, Indians and most of the Oshoites present at our beloved German Bakery had never ever thought that they were having the last breakfast of their lives.
We just griefed and went back to our routines. We started blaming our own people,suspecting every guy who wore a beard , back-packed and walked the street. What can we do to stop these un-ethical gestures thrown at us every now and then by the Political World? Why are we worried about Global Warming when the happenings around are warming our blood when we see our beloved innocent people dying in the hands of Dirty Politics. The question is why? Are we supposed to question the system or are we supposed to take an initiative on protecting ourselves? Lighting candles in the memory of dead would not help. It would just give handsome business to Candle factories. Jaago India Jaago slogans are not here just for the heck of it but it wants the Young India to do the rest to be the Best. Save Candles Save Yourself Save India.


  1. Bravo rajsingh..beautifully written...even i agree with you that y these innocent people's lives are taken away inspite of their no fault..instead of just being a mere spectator we should atleast voice our opinion and join hands to fight back terrorism


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