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Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Question on Hare Rama Hare Krishna...

 Are we religious or are we only pretending to be indians??? Its tough to get Indian visit Visa. People from other countries add India to their "Dream-Destinations" list and want to know about our country "The-India". Do we respect our culture and our tradition the way the outsiders think we do??? A lot of questions go into my mind on Foreign take on Indian religion and an Indian take on Indian religion.
Hindu saints who wear Dhoti-Kurta's and Beads all over the neck are trying to pertain the holy tradition so that the coming generations do not feel or experience the extinction of our mythological belongings. At the same time The young indian today is much more aware and is keeping the tradition alive by carrying the ethnic clothing like the linen kurta's and pyjama's,trendy jhola's with Om Namah Shivay prints just like Lord Shankar's Tiger-skinned jhola's.
This attracts the West towards East. We see expats (very well known as foreigner's) all over india wearing indian Avatars and exploring Incredible India and we are the first ones to admire them on their looks on carrying our clothes well. At the same time when 'We'-ourselves wear these Indo-Western outfits which have been originated from our mythological ancestors;we get weird faces looking at us and unexpected comments and that is when we come to know that our society itself does not accept us 'We being Ourselves'.
So what if the Sadhu's and Saints smoke Hashish like Lord Shiva used to??? So is that the only reason that we wearing our own ritual stuff  has become a Tabboo in our own society??? The Holy slogans of OM NAMAH SHIVAY and HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA has become so much of a drama today. Just because we are Indo- Western does not mean we dope around with life. Or do we???
Today, there is a worldwide confederation of more than 400 centres, communities, NGO's (in a single City of India) all fighting to keep our traditional Clothing alive and are aiming for self-sufficiency. There is a rapid expansions in terms of numbers of membership in ISCKON within Eastern Europeon People driving towards Indian culture and India...the most genuinely Hindu of all the many Indian movements in the West will eventually spread and India will lose its own identity. Can we do something??? The answer is we are Cowards again.


  1. Traditions, religion, norms and the structure of the Indian society is all too rich and beautiful. The question of foreigners labeling India as a dream destination, arises often because of the rich cultural quotient. What we tend to forget is the fact that all these beauties come with a price. a price of social backwardness and of moral and "honor" dilemma. This is the serpentine face of the Hare Rama Hare Krishna, that Indians today wish to stay away from and in the process, alienate themselves from the very roots of cultural heritage. Anyway, well written article. Stumled on your blog on shishoo's. If you wish to read something more,please visit . thats my blog. you might find something of interest. Happy writing.

  2. thankyou doyal.. but m too sad with the happenings everywer dese days.. very few like you me and some are concerned.. following ur blogs too.. keep blogging.. u write too good..

  3. Cool write up. I think what you are trying to say is that we are losing faith in our own culture !! We (a friend and I)have delivered a presentation on this topic. I will entertain you on that whenever you have time.
    I don't agree with you conclusion...
    We need to be optimistic. That's how we can try to make a difference.

  4. We really need to do something about this. The West has successfully moved forward while conserving their roots as well. Now they are interested in our culture, and we should conserve it the way we want and not allow them to document it. But that will happen only when our people understand this and do something about this.


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