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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Hope over a Hope..

It all started with an old War between the two emperors, Muslim emperor Babar and the Hindu King of Chittorgarh called Rana Sangram Singh. The latter was defeated by Babar who then in-charged his general Mir Banki as a Viceroy.  Mir Banki came to Ayodhya in 1528 and built the Mosque. Ayodhya, as believed by Hindu’s is the birthplace of ancient Hindu God Rama, an avatar of Vishnu. Mir Baqi after building the mosque on the site of the destroyed temple, called it Babri Masjid , named after his master Babar.The Mughal Emperor Babar, dramatically modified the exisiting Hindu temple and the mosque was built in its place. Years and centuries passed by with peace and harmony, a movement was launched in 1984 by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP party) who wanted to rebuild the Ram temple. After years of debate and controversary surrounding the place that was conquerred by the mughal emperor Babar or the place as said the birth place of the Hindu-god, was demolished in 1992 by protestors who were just paid to be a part of the rally who under strict orders and under high security were asked not to harm the Mosque. Politicians like L.K.Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were alleged to be influential in the demolition. The Bhartiya Janta Party was believed to be the planners of the tragedy.We fell in the hands of dirty politics. We lost all our beloved people. Question is not, how many muslims died or how many Hindus. The concern is how many we lost. We are dreaming of becoming the most pwerful country of the World without getting united. One man army would not make a difference. We are fools. When would we understand that wolves(politicians) cannot drink the cup of humanity’s milk and turn into lambs. It's a bad, cruel, unrepentant political world. If we still keep counting on the Government’s verdict on the same,then everything is going to get repeated from the past. Again we will lose our people and all the government would do is pay  `1lac as relief money to the relatives of the dead, the blame game would start again. BJP will blame Congress for having a soft links with Islamic terrorists, the Prime Minister will affirm faith in country's secured growth,the media will get all the needed footage to capture the burning images for their TRP’S ,eyebrows would be raised on Pakistani based terrorist groups. But the sad fact is that the every  tragedy that has happened and is about to happen, if this goes on, then, it will just kill the soul called Peace of the nation. Let us just move on from the saddened past. Lets just spread Peace and stop violence. Let us rub all the rumours which come our way and stop them from spreading everywhere. We need hands to build India and take it to the next level of humanity and brotherhood. Let us just believe that “Together we can and will make a huge difference”. Love All. “Peace”

Zanane Rajsingh

Zanane Rajsingh
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