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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Dedicated to all the Nirbhayas who have gone through the Horrors of Rape incidents #safety for women

We Indians are an angry people now. Thousands of people have poured into the streets, indignant and outraged over the savage case of rape and assault on a young woman in New Delhi.

That anger degenerated last 3 weeks into hysteria and blood-lust, with calls for capital punishment and castration of the rapists.

We cannot change the System but what we can do is at least change the Thought - Process..

With Right Thinking comes Right Men.. With Right Men comes Right Change and With Right Change comes Right System..

This is exactly a message that we are trying to spread through the medium of Music, Films and Art.

Join Us to Support the Cause..

A Video for a Cause..

Only Men can STOP RAPE..

Zanane Rajsingh

Zanane Rajsingh
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