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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zanane Rajsingh so far..


Zanane Rajsingh (born 15 March 1988) is an Indian Film maker who dared to dream, made a few short films and got critically acclaimed internationally. His films have won him a Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2013, Ignite Short Film Festival 2012, Chemozale India 2011 and many more. He is a founder of COLOR – The Film, Music and Art Festival which is Gujarat’s one of its kind festival dedicated to promote youth interested in Films, Music and Photography. He is also an Ad Film maker working with several brands in India.


Zanane, who has his roots in the small town of Maharashtra, was born and raised in Kolhapur where his mother was a teacher at St. Xaviers School while his father worked as a logistics manager in a company which makes furnaces in India. He was the second child born in his family. His elder brother later worked for a leading network service providing company and the youngest brother works in an Italian origin firm in Dubai. Due to his fathers transfers from one city to other Zanane was brought to Ahmedabad where he studied in Tulip International School and later did his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Bhavans College.


      In 2009 Zanane moved to Pune to work for a MNC where he continued working till 2011. But there was something missing in his 6 pm to 3 am corporate job! While he was searching for the missing link, the unfortunate German Bakery Bomb Blast happened. The lively, most cosmopolitan place of many including him was brought down in flames in a matter of a few seconds killing several innocents!

This incident scared his faith in humanity. At this juncture of his life he discovered his passion in life! Film making was his calling! He left the job and came back in his city- Ahmedabad. Following his new found passion, he made his first film, A Candle Light Event based on the German Bakery Blast which garnered a lot of appreciation from everyone who saw it and an award as the Best Film in Chemozale 2011 held in Nirma University.

He took his passion a step further by launching his production house, ZR Productions! Under his home banner, he directed and produced another film, Ashru-Tears in heaven. ZR Productions believe in making films that mirror the present society. And Ashru stood true to this philosophy as it revolved around a couple in love surviving cancer. As a budding film maker he felt rewarded when Ashru was screened at Shamiana, Ahmedabad on 23rd Sept 2011 for packed audience at Natarani Amphitheatre! "The sound of applause still echoes in my head! And words of Cyrus Dastur (Founder of Shamiana India) -  “We are proud of you!” are my source of motivation" - says Zanane.

Later, ZR Productions formed a Team “NAAD” for Ahmedabad Film Project i.e. 48 Hour Film competition and they successfully made a film called “Anurupata” based on the theme- Small Things In Life which was conditioned to be shot in the Walled City (Old Ahmedabad).
By the end of the most beautiful year of his life i.e. Dec2011, he participated in 6th Ahmedabad Peace Film Festival and made a film called “Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar”. Sell Rumor but Buy Truth is the basis of the film and it talked about spreading Love, Peace and Harmony by giving Free Hugs in the whole city of Ahmedabad. The film was critically praised and was a Facebook sensation with over 500 shares in a single day. 

After making  series of social films and documentaries, Zanane decided to take up a script which did not have any social message but was a complete fiction with a genre of Psychological triller called "हस्तकला" - An Art of Hand. Hastkala premiered at Shamiana Short Films Club and received an over whelming response with capacity of over 750 people.  The film got Zanane a Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Best Screenplay . The short film now is short listed for a few competition nationally and internationally.

 “KHONE DE – A Story of every Nirbhaya” happened quick for him and Binny Sharma who has written, composed and sung the song. With their angered feelings towards the saddened Delhi Rape Case, they tried to question the mentality of Humans by not passing any Judgment or being diplomatic or by targeting the government or the people involved. 
The video has won Best Music Video at Ignite Short Film Festival and has been shortlisted for Lakecity International Film Festival. It has been screened at various NGO events, Women’s Peace Film Festival like The Cinema of Resistance by Mallika Sarabhai, Ahmedabad Rising etc. and so he wishes to put it forward to some Competitive film festivals to spread the message because he supports the Cause.

COLOR – The Film,Music and Art Festival 2013 –
Ahmedabad is known for its colorful festivals and so Zanane founded COLOR - The Film, Music and Art Festival based in Ahmedabad-India, which seeks to involve audiences in a full range of cultural opportunities, combining film, music and art into year-round events designed to cross-promote the works of filmmakers, musicians and artists to new audiences.

He is now a CEO of Whistling Entertainment - A Whistling Group venture.


  CHEMOZALE INDIA 2011 -  (Winner ) BEST FILM for "A Candle Light Event"

  TEDxMICA 2011 - Special screening of "A Candle Light Event

  Re-Think India 2011 - Nomination for "Ashru - Tears in Heaven"

  AFP 2011 - Successfully completed "Anurupata" in 48 hr. film project

  Iginte Short Film Festival 2012 - (Winner) Best Music Video for "Khone De"

  Lakecity International Film Festival 2013 - Nomination for "Khone De"

  Cinema Of Resistance 2013 - Special screening of "Khone De"

  Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2013 - (Winner) Best Screenplay for "Hastkala"

  Lakecity International Film Festival 2013 - Official selection as Best Film for "Hastkala"

  Imphal International Film Festival 2013 -  Official selection as Best Film for "Hastkala"

  Founder - Color - The Film, Music and Art Festival.


A Candle Light Event 2011
Ashru - Tears in Heaven 2011
Anurupata 2011
Aaj ki Taaza Khabar 2011
Hastkala - An art of hand 2012
Khone De - A story of every Nirbhaya 2013

Zanane Rajsingh,
Zanane Rajsingh Productions & COLOR – The Film, Music and Art Festival
Whistling Entertainment
Contact No: +919712717938 |
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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Dedicated to all the Nirbhayas who have gone through the Horrors of Rape incidents #safety for women

We Indians are an angry people now. Thousands of people have poured into the streets, indignant and outraged over the savage case of rape and assault on a young woman in New Delhi.

That anger degenerated last 3 weeks into hysteria and blood-lust, with calls for capital punishment and castration of the rapists.

We cannot change the System but what we can do is at least change the Thought - Process..

With Right Thinking comes Right Men.. With Right Men comes Right Change and With Right Change comes Right System..

This is exactly a message that we are trying to spread through the medium of Music, Films and Art.

Join Us to Support the Cause..

A Video for a Cause..

Only Men can STOP RAPE..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Hope over a Hope..

It all started with an old War between the two emperors, Muslim emperor Babar and the Hindu King of Chittorgarh called Rana Sangram Singh. The latter was defeated by Babar who then in-charged his general Mir Banki as a Viceroy.  Mir Banki came to Ayodhya in 1528 and built the Mosque. Ayodhya, as believed by Hindu’s is the birthplace of ancient Hindu God Rama, an avatar of Vishnu. Mir Baqi after building the mosque on the site of the destroyed temple, called it Babri Masjid , named after his master Babar.The Mughal Emperor Babar, dramatically modified the exisiting Hindu temple and the mosque was built in its place. Years and centuries passed by with peace and harmony, a movement was launched in 1984 by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP party) who wanted to rebuild the Ram temple. After years of debate and controversary surrounding the place that was conquerred by the mughal emperor Babar or the place as said the birth place of the Hindu-god, was demolished in 1992 by protestors who were just paid to be a part of the rally who under strict orders and under high security were asked not to harm the Mosque. Politicians like L.K.Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were alleged to be influential in the demolition. The Bhartiya Janta Party was believed to be the planners of the tragedy.We fell in the hands of dirty politics. We lost all our beloved people. Question is not, how many muslims died or how many Hindus. The concern is how many we lost. We are dreaming of becoming the most pwerful country of the World without getting united. One man army would not make a difference. We are fools. When would we understand that wolves(politicians) cannot drink the cup of humanity’s milk and turn into lambs. It's a bad, cruel, unrepentant political world. If we still keep counting on the Government’s verdict on the same,then everything is going to get repeated from the past. Again we will lose our people and all the government would do is pay  `1lac as relief money to the relatives of the dead, the blame game would start again. BJP will blame Congress for having a soft links with Islamic terrorists, the Prime Minister will affirm faith in country's secured growth,the media will get all the needed footage to capture the burning images for their TRP’S ,eyebrows would be raised on Pakistani based terrorist groups. But the sad fact is that the every  tragedy that has happened and is about to happen, if this goes on, then, it will just kill the soul called Peace of the nation. Let us just move on from the saddened past. Lets just spread Peace and stop violence. Let us rub all the rumours which come our way and stop them from spreading everywhere. We need hands to build India and take it to the next level of humanity and brotherhood. Let us just believe that “Together we can and will make a huge difference”. Love All. “Peace”

Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Question on Hare Rama Hare Krishna...

 Are we religious or are we only pretending to be indians??? Its tough to get Indian visit Visa. People from other countries add India to their "Dream-Destinations" list and want to know about our country "The-India". Do we respect our culture and our tradition the way the outsiders think we do??? A lot of questions go into my mind on Foreign take on Indian religion and an Indian take on Indian religion.
Hindu saints who wear Dhoti-Kurta's and Beads all over the neck are trying to pertain the holy tradition so that the coming generations do not feel or experience the extinction of our mythological belongings. At the same time The young indian today is much more aware and is keeping the tradition alive by carrying the ethnic clothing like the linen kurta's and pyjama's,trendy jhola's with Om Namah Shivay prints just like Lord Shankar's Tiger-skinned jhola's.
This attracts the West towards East. We see expats (very well known as foreigner's) all over india wearing indian Avatars and exploring Incredible India and we are the first ones to admire them on their looks on carrying our clothes well. At the same time when 'We'-ourselves wear these Indo-Western outfits which have been originated from our mythological ancestors;we get weird faces looking at us and unexpected comments and that is when we come to know that our society itself does not accept us 'We being Ourselves'.
So what if the Sadhu's and Saints smoke Hashish like Lord Shiva used to??? So is that the only reason that we wearing our own ritual stuff  has become a Tabboo in our own society??? The Holy slogans of OM NAMAH SHIVAY and HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA has become so much of a drama today. Just because we are Indo- Western does not mean we dope around with life. Or do we???
Today, there is a worldwide confederation of more than 400 centres, communities, NGO's (in a single City of India) all fighting to keep our traditional Clothing alive and are aiming for self-sufficiency. There is a rapid expansions in terms of numbers of membership in ISCKON within Eastern Europeon People driving towards Indian culture and India...the most genuinely Hindu of all the many Indian movements in the West will eventually spread and India will lose its own identity. Can we do something??? The answer is we are Cowards again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Candle-light Event...

Post 26/11 Mumbai attacks we always thought no alien can harm our nation ever again as we had thought that we had seen the wost terror attacks that could ever happen... A shadowing evening in Pune on 13/2 at 7.00 pm changed our thoughts again.
Why the daily routines and situations had to change that day for every one who was affected in the blast??? Why P. Sundari ,22, had to come from bangalore to Pune to die ??? Why Anik Dhar got a job in Mumbai on 12th feb and had to celeberate the same in the bakery??? Why Anik's sister Anindyee Dhar had to ask her English literature lecturer the meaning of DEATH in the last lecture she attended before heading towards heaven??? Why did the same happen with Shilpa Goenka,23 from Kolkata who hired a rickshaw driver called Shankar Pansare,40, to drop them both in Almighty's hands??? Why Saeed Abdul Ghani,26, an Iranian Student of Symbiosis aspired to study in Pune which eventually had to lose the war he fought with his burns??? Why Nadia Materinia,37, an Italian had to lose her life in late 30's when she deserved to live the most of her life??? and above all why Gokul Nepali the most jolly waiter at German Bakery had to serve people that day when the bakery is SELF-SERVICED??? Had'nt they followed their daily routine of not serving people and gokul would have never touched that bag which exploded the bakery... but then there comes the slogan ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH!!! Gokul did no wrong...
The totally cosmopolitan place where the most beautiful people, all intermingled and shared much joy over the years had lost in the thick smoke of defeat to unwanted acts.
House-full of Germans ,Iranians, Indians and most of the Oshoites present at our beloved German Bakery had never ever thought that they were having the last breakfast of their lives.
We just griefed and went back to our routines. We started blaming our own people,suspecting every guy who wore a beard , back-packed and walked the street. What can we do to stop these un-ethical gestures thrown at us every now and then by the Political World? Why are we worried about Global Warming when the happenings around are warming our blood when we see our beloved innocent people dying in the hands of Dirty Politics. The question is why? Are we supposed to question the system or are we supposed to take an initiative on protecting ourselves? Lighting candles in the memory of dead would not help. It would just give handsome business to Candle factories. Jaago India Jaago slogans are not here just for the heck of it but it wants the Young India to do the rest to be the Best. Save Candles Save Yourself Save India.

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